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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Psychics are not Fortune-Tellers

Often when people hear the word psychic, they think of one that tells fortunes or does horoscopes. They may have the idea that being psychic could help them win the lottery or find the perfect love. Some even believe that a psychic can fix all of the problems in their life. Some believe that psychics only see spirits or ghosts.
The fact is that being psychic can be a difficult task as some things are not fun or comforting to see. A psychic cannot necessarily predict what will come. Yes, they may have some idea of what the future may hold if they stay on the path, they are on but they cannot see everything and every step in advance.

A psychic that has premonitions will see things from the future but usually in glimpses or fragments of images and clues. The psychic has to piece together what it means and because they are human, they can still make mistakes. Since each individual has the ability to create their future, premonitions cannot be considered to be exactly the way things will be, but the way things may be.

Some psychics, such as a Tarot reader, can predict future events but they can never guarantee the results. Each individual makes their own path by the choices they make; therefore, they chose what their future would be. If they see that one direction is not a good idea and choose to go another way, they just changed the outcome of the future and a psychic’s prediction may no longer be accurate.

Not every premonition or prediction will be of things that they want to see. For example, seeing an impending danger or death can be hard to deal with, especially if they are close to the one that could be impacted by the premonition. They cannot stop the will of Spirit so having a vision of their best friend or a loved one dying may be hard for them. They have to live for the rest of their life knowing they saw it in advance and could do nothing to change it. They may question why they could see it if they were not allowed to do anything to prevent it.

Many psychics want to act upon their visions but cannot disrupt the will of each individual to make their own way in life. The psychic can say, “This is what I see,” but cannot tell an individual this is what you “must” do. The psychic can suggest ways that may help the individual to change their path.

If a psychic sees that an individual is suicidal and that if the person does not receive help they are in danger, the psychic could suggest therapy and offer to listen as the individual talks through their problems. This however, does not mean that the psychic is licensed to give psychiatric care or advice it merely means that they are trying to be a friend and care about the safety of their friend. Seeing that it is a possibility and offering help also does not guarantee that it will be prevented.

There are some things a psychic may be able to help with. A perfect example would be, helping the police to find a missing child. It can be useful on a daily basis in helping themselves as well as others to find the right spiritual path or to receive the messages of spirits that have crossed over.

A psychic reader may have the felling that someone is going to be a threat to their way of life or to those that they love. Knowing in advance could prevent them from welcoming this danger in but if they do nothing about it, because they do not believe fully that what they are seeing is real, then nothing will change.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dream Interpretation - Topeka Psychic | Examiner.com

Dream Interpretation - Topeka Psychic Examiner.com

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Messages from the angels

The room filled with silence as the reader began to pull the small pieces of white paper from the white container in which they were gathered.
As she held the first one in the air she asked who in the room the paper belonged to. She could not see the person, the symbol they had drawn, or the crowd of onlookers that surrounded her because of the turquoise blindfold that covered her eyes.

As the man stepped forward to claim the paper she said she needed to hear the vibration of his voice to be sure that the message was for him. As he spoke his name, she began sharing the messages that came to her through her psychic ability.

The look of surprise on his face was enough to know that she had not only answered the question that he had written on the paper but had touched his soul with the messages she brought to him from the other side.

After a few more people were called with their messages she drew a small note, “Billets” is the French term for note, from within the container and began to touch it and rub it between her hands. She touched to her head and then proceeded to lift the paper into the air.

A voice from the back of the room called out, “I think that is mine but I need to get closer to see for sure.” A woman then stepped toward the front and claimed it to be hers. Her face was smiling as she seemed to have a light of hope shining within her. It was obvious she had done this before.

The woman spoke her name and the reader began to tell the messages she was receiving from the angels. “You have waited a long time to begin this new project that you are doing.” The woman said, “Yes.” The reader continued, “The fear of failing and that you don’t deserve it has kept you from stepping forward and doing this sooner, though this is something you have always known you needed to do. Does this make sense?”

The woman looked to audience and giggled softly saying, “Yes,” surprised that such an intimate secret she held inside her was spilled before a crowd of strangers. The reader continued, “What you are doing, you were called to do. Now is the time, it is not happening too fast and you do deserve it. You need to continue on this path as this is the path you are meant to be on. This is what you were born to do. This is not only going to lead to a path of success for you but others as well. You are helping others. You have been patient but now you must let go of the fear and do what you are called to do. Does this make sense.” The woman seemed surprised at how forceful the readers words were as she shared the message and the woman answered, “Yes, thank you.”

The woman turned to walk away and the reader laughed and called out, “You have a young man in Spirit?” The woman paused and said, “Yes.” The reader said, “Oh, he is a handsome little devil,” and she laughed. She continued, “How was he connected to you?” and the woman said, “He is an old friend.” The reader sighed and said, “He was much more than just a friend.” The woman said, “I loved him, I still love him.”

As the reader again touched the paper to her head she said as if she were surprised, “He loves you too,” then she paused for just a moment “He is telling me that you need to hear this, he says that you need to hear that he loves you.” Tears filled the woman’s eyes as she turned to look at a friend standing in the back of the room. “He is telling me that you do not understand all that surrounded his death and that it wasn’t as people said it was but you need to be able to find forgiveness. He says that he is in no more pain, no emotional or mental pain. Does this make sense?”

The woman answered, “Yes,” as she brushed the tears from her cheek. The reader said, “He wants you to know that he is with you and he knows the song.” She laughed and said, “You already know that, don’t you?” The woman respond with a giggle and a soft “Yes.” The reader continued, “He is telling me that you worry a lot and that you do not need to that you and your family will be safe and that he is safe. He misses you all very much.”

The reader paused and the woman said, “Thank you so much,” and turned to walk away. Again the reader called out. “There is a car issue?” The woman stopped and the crowd laughed as the woman giggled out another, “Yes.” The reader told her, “The car issue will be handled, it will take a little time, but not as much as you think and it will be taken care of. Does this make sense?” When the woman said yes again the reader said, “This is all I have for you today and I will leave this with you. Go in peace and smile.” She held the paper out for the woman to take and the woman left the room with her friend.

Seeing the reader tell the messages one by one to those that participated is enough to make a skeptic a believer. None of the messages were generalizations, her blindfold was not see through, and there was no time for her to read each persons question and think up some answer to make them feel good. She was telling what she was receiving.

The woman that had gotten the reading earlier said, “All that I wrote on my paper, other than my symbol was the words…Are there any messages for me?… and she spoke of things she could not have possibly known.” Tears filled this woman’s eyes as she spoke of her enlightening experience.

Through the Lens of Renee Nellis (click to view more)

Through the Lens of Renee Nellis (click to view more)
Photo used with permission of Renee Nellis. If you would like to purchase or use this photo please contact Renee by email at ilovetherox@hotmail.com

Natural Beauty (click to view more)

Natural Beauty (click to view more)
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