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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Candle Magick as an everyday spiritual practice

It does not matter what your beliefs are or background is you can find a use for candle magick. It is not required that you be in a specific religious group or practice religious rituals.

It is very simple to put candles to use for the purpose of enhancing your life on a daily basis. The first step is to figure out exactly what the purpose of the magick will be. It can be anything from healing and cleansing to attracting prosperity or love.

Choosing the proper style of candle to use is easy because it is often decided by where you will be working, the available style of holder, and the length of time you need to allow the candle to burn.

There is not a lot of metaphysical knowledge needed to work with candle magick. It is actually something that the average person can perform in their own home either with friends or alone.

Since it is a powerful form of magick it is important that you apply the proper color to the purpose. For example, if you are looking to increase passion in your life you will want to burn a red candle as it is believed to enhance passion or lust.

Many believe that you must first anoint the candle with an oil or carve your intentions into the wax of the candle. While these things will obviously increase the energy that goes into the magick and enhance the energy of your personal intentions they are not necessary to make the magick work.

All that is needed to perform candle magick is a candle of the appropriate color and style, a safe holder, matches or a lighter, and intent. Once you have all the supplies gathered and your intentions for the magick you are ready to get started.

Be sure that you never leave a burning candle unattended inside or outside. It is important to make sure that the holder you intend to use is appropriate and safe. If, for example, you use a votive you will need a votive holder to prevent possible dripping from damaging surfaces or starting fires.

Always keep burning candles away from clothing, hair, and flammable materials or objects. To prevent burns and damage to surfaces do not play in or spill hot wax.

Please remember to always keep candles, matches, and lighters out of reach of children and pets.

Here is a list of some basic colors and their purpose in candle magick:

Red is often used for love, sexual desire, and passion. It is also used for increasing strength, courage, and to help in advancement in ones career. Red is the color that is associated with fire, rage, passion, lust, and movement.

Orange is used for creativity, career goals, overcoming addictions, ambition, and sexual energy. It can also be used to aid in communicating with spirits.

Yellow is to increase intelligence, and understanding. It would be a good idea if you are taking a test for school to burn a yellow candle while you study as this will help you stay focused and increase your understanding of what you are studying. Yellow can also be used to increase vibrant and joyous feelings.

Green is used for all sorts of healing especially those of a personal nature. It can be used to help bring in money or prosperity. It is also one of the best colors to use in fertility as it represents mother nature or mother earth.

Blue is used to aid in communications, to increase intuition, and to help bring balance to ones emotions. This color is associated with water therefore it brings a calming effect. It can also be used to enhance a protection spell.

Indigo is used to aid in vision magick, dream interpretation, increasing psychic abilities and visualization. It can also be used to aid in spells that open communications with Spirit. This color is often used for increasing spiritual and psychic awareness. It is excellent when used to improve self-esteem or self-assurance.

Purple is used to increase psychic abilities, to connect to a higher power, and to assist in bringing more magic into ones life. It is the color associated with power, leadership, and royalty. As with Indigo, this color is used to increase spiritual strength, wisdom, and self-esteem and self-assurance.

White is the color of purity and light. This color is considered to be sacred or holy and therefore is excellent used in spiritual ceremonies or rituals. This color is used to find peace, understanding, forgiveness, and to help increase ones own spiritual awareness. It is also used to enhance feminine energy. White can be substituted for any color and is excellent for the purpose of clearing or cleansing a sacred space.

Black is the absence of color and light. It can connect to the shadow or fears within and can be used when seeking to ease or confront ones own darkness. It is best used for protection, releasing negative energy, summoning creativity, banishing, and repelling negativity.

Waxman Candles in downtown Lawrence is an excellent resource for candles. All of their candles are top quality and burn for hours. They carry a large variety of styles and colors as well as holders to accommodate the buyer. They are located at 609 Massachusetts Street Lawrence, KS 66044. For more information and store hours you may visit the Waxman Candles website or you may visit their profile page on Facebook. Please note that they have a Chicago, Illinois area store as well.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Waxman Candles of Lawrence brings light to spiritual rituals and ceremonies - Topeka Psychic | Examiner.com

Waxman Candles of Lawrence brings light to spiritual rituals and ceremonies - Topeka Psychic Examiner.com

Through the Lens of Renee Nellis (click to view more)

Through the Lens of Renee Nellis (click to view more)
Photo used with permission of Renee Nellis. If you would like to purchase or use this photo please contact Renee by email at ilovetherox@hotmail.com

Natural Beauty (click to view more)

Natural Beauty (click to view more)
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